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ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes
Технически данни
ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes PEC/5KP60CA/BP//RoHS/0.5K/P-600/TVS/AXIAL/TVS-50C/TVS50-QI08/PJ///

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Received, Fast shipping, not checked yet

Article fits the description on the website and it is good quality. Free in 5 days in France well protected in a bubble envelope. Each value is row in a small bag zip. Trés satisfied with my purchase, I recommend this article and this supplier.

Takes 8 days to Japan. Good!

Yes, they are all here. :)

it is safe and sound all, thank you seller!

Хората гледат 5KP60CA_B0_10001 след това са закупени

Свързани ключови думи за 5KP6

  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Интегрирана
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 RoHS
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 PDF Datasheett
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Технически данни
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 част
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Купува
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Дистрибутор
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 PDF
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Компонент
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 интегрални схеми
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Изтеглете PDF
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Изтеглете таблица с данни
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 захранване
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 доставчик
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Цена
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Информационен лист
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Изображение
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 снимка
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Складова наличност
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Наличност
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 оригинал
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Най-
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 отличен
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Без олово
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 спецификация
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Горещи оферти
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Цена на прекъсване
  • 5KP60CA_B0_10001 Технически данни